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Operation Gotham Shield is just being used to re-enforce the Nuclear Bomb Hoax.
There aren't any nuclear bombs.
The whole nuclear bomb story is the ultimate in 'gaslighting', and unfortunately we've all been subjected to it.
There aren't any nuclear bombs. Period.
Scientists have not been able to slam two chunks of enriched uranium or plutonium together and generate a critical mass explosion.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed, just like Tokyo and many other cities in Japan.
Fake nuclear testing was created with massive stacks of TNT.
Enriched uranium was mixed with the TNT to show radioactive readings.
And, of course, photo editing was creatively used to fake what looked like gigantic mushroom clouds.
If an EMP is created, it's not going to be by a nuclear blast.
Please don't add to the ubiquitous amount of Fake News based on Fake Science.
And don't add to the Nuclear Fear Porn.
Your readers are drowning in this fiction.