REPORT: U.S. Preparing Preemptive Strike to "Utterly Destroy" N. Korea Nuclear Program


On Sunday, the UK’s Sunday Times reported that top military advisers to US President Donald Trump have told their British counterparts that Washington was considering a preemptive strike against North Korea’s nuclear program, and believe the U.S. has the firepower to neutralize it.

Citing “senior sources” in the British government, the paper said the US believed it was able to “utterly destroy” the key installations required to remove the threat the program posed to North Korea’s neighbors and the US.

According to the paper, US Defense Secretary James Mattis discussed a US strike on North Korea with his British counterpart Michael Fallon some two weeks ago, and similar conversations have been held between British officials and Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

“They’ll do anything it takes. Nothing is off the table. They think they’ve got the capabilities to target things and utterly destroy them. They are confident they know where everything is and can target it efficiently,” one British official is quoted as saying.

Another source told the Times that US officials “are getting to the point where they think they may have to take out the facilities preemptively…. They are much closer to taking military action than they were a year ago.”

 Concerning tonight's failed North Korean missile launch, US Defense Secretary Mattis said only the following:

" ...the President has no further comments on North Korea"


Given what the President has said in the past about not giving the "enemy" any info about intentions, that statement is quite ominous.



In the meantime, the US and South Korea have assembled more than 1200 military aircraft into the Korean area and the government of South Korea has begun MOVING "essential government officials" out of the capital, Seoul, to Daegu, which is about 145 miles southeast of Seoul.  (Full story here)


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  • Cruz Bannon Comment Link Apr 17, 2017

    @ ONNO - Typical Christian-crap brainwashing. The USA looks like a pile of shit??? That's not so bad when you realise comparatively that God is either impotent, psychotically narcissistic or he doesn't exist at all. While ever he lets innocent children get raped, murdered, tortured, starved he aint worth a pinch of dog sh*t. The Bible is a brainwashing fairy tale and the Virgin Mary is His unpaid whore! So give it up! (Hail Satan! There's plenty of us).....
    @ "ATTACKING THE US WITH NUKES IS EASY" - Kim or Donald? Both will suffer greatly and so will everyone else. If war DOES break out, I can't imagine it being limited. Having said that, FatBoy DESERVES to be militarily castrated (personally I'd prefer to castrate him for real and feed them to him but hey, you can't have everything); he DESERVES to be obliterated completely. It's worth the risk. We can't be here forever; something has to eventually take us out. Everybody has known that for a LONG time.

  • Attacking the US with nukes is easy Comment Link Apr 16, 2017

    No missile needed,
    no airplanes needed.
    The nuke could be really big in size. All the technology Kim already has. No necessity to shrink the nukes for a warhead.

    Just blow up three submarines in the water in front of NY, LA and W.DC.
    The Tsunami will wipe out enough. The US-people and media would not be war mongering like they are today after such event.

    The missile shield will not help and all the carrier's around the world even less. The US must be attacked directly on their soil.
    This strategy, developed by Russia, is clearly simple and will work.

    Popcorn time: Kim or Donald, David or Goliath. Who will win?

  • Onno Comment Link Apr 16, 2017

    God is not with psychopathic murderers. The USA already looks like a pile of shit now does it not. Except for 1% super greedy moral morons.....

  • Cruz Bannon Comment Link Apr 16, 2017

    REPLY TO "NEXUS789 AND SO SAD ARE TWATS" - Bravo commenter!! I couldn't have put it better myself.
    Kim Jong-Un REALLY needs to get nuked! On top of everything else, he's now GUTLESS. Check this link out -

  • Nexus789 and so sad are twats Comment Link Apr 16, 2017

    North korea needs to go.
    Fighting from a distance is smart, if having balls requires you to kill your own people, then bravo to the usa for not having balls, because fighting from a distance is smart.

  • So sad Comment Link Apr 16, 2017

    The US don't have balls.
    They never fight.
    They destroy from far enough distance, without risk.
    They are cowards. They act as terrorists, plain and simple. The us-military is the world-terrorist not the world-policeman, as Creedux was told by the propaganda of US-MSM and Hollywood.
    Start thinking yourself!

  • davo555 Comment Link Apr 16, 2017


    It is not a case of having the balls, and everything to do with devastating another region of the world that is far away from the USA.... Once again shitting in everyone else's back yard, having balls is to fight in your own back yard.

  • Creedux Comment Link Apr 16, 2017

    Deeds - What do you think the USA is getting ready to do ?

    Nexus789 - In this case what choice does the US have ? Nobody else has the balls to push back and say enough is enough.

  • Deeds Comment Link Apr 15, 2017

    "Preemptive" of what?, people ll´die

  • deeds Comment Link Apr 15, 2017

    "Preemptive" of what?, people ll´die

  • Nexus789 Comment Link Apr 15, 2017

    The US doing the only thing it knows how to do - killing people.


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