CAUGHT RED-HANDED BY THEIR OWN TV NETWORK: Chemical Weapons at Syria Air Base!


Truth may be "the first casualty of war" but sometimes the truth sneaks out.  Today, Russian Television (RT) displayed photos of damage to the Syrian Base attacked by US Missiles.  One of the pictures shows CHEMICAL WEAPONS CONTAINERS outside a blown-up aircraft hangar!

First, a little background on Russian and former Soviet Union "Chemical Weapons."  On October 8, 2015, the Russian-language news web site "" did a story on chemical weapons from the former Soviet Union (SU) being destroyed in compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention (Treaty).  

In that story, they specifically mention the destruction, by Russia, of "aviation chemical munitions."  Here's the relevant paragraphs from that story:


To date, Russia has destroyed over 90 percent of her existing chemical weapons. The other day it was officially announced that the complete destruction of one of the largest arsenals in the city Pochep Bryansk region. Work on the plant began in 2010. During this time it was destroyed more than 67 thousand aviation chemical munitions, containing nearly 7500 tons of chemical agents (sarin, soman, "VX"). During the work was not recorded a single case of chemicals into the environment, and in the near future to begin work on the decontamination of equipment and rehabilitation of land where he kept ammunition. Most likely, the company in the town of Pochep is redesigned for civilian production, and Bryansk region heal easily. 


As part of this story, the e-news web site included a photograph of Soviet chemical weapons being destroyed by Russian technicians.  The photo shows CHEMICAL WEAPONS CONTAINERS:



Notice the containers?


Now, fast-forward to today, April 7, 2017 and the coverage of the US attack upon the Syrian air base.  One of the photos appearing in the RT coverage was taken by Russian news agency RIA Novosti Photographer Mikhail Voskresensky.   

The photo shows a bombed aircraft hangar at the air base in Syria, and look what else it shows:  Dozens of the exact same CHEMICAL WEAPONS CONTAINERS as shown in the E-news story from October 8, 2015:


(Click on image to enlarge)


Truth may be the first casualty of war, but in this instance, it appears the truth has snuck-out . . . . inadvertently . . . . at the hands of a Russian News Photographer!  

It now appears that Syria is caught red-handed being in possession of Chemical Weapons they CLAIMED to have had destroyed in the past; the exact same Chemical Weapons Containers used to store "aviation munitions" like "sarin."



It was allegedly Sarin used against Syrian civilians on Tuesday in Idlib, Syria and it now seems very plausible that the Syrian government of Bashar Assad committed the act.  Apparently, US President Donald Trump was correct in his assessment and took action that has now, apparently, exposed an ugly truth:  Syria gassed its own people.







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  • Maximus Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    I've sure every mad man leaves their chemical weapons in piles out on the tarmac in the direct sun.

  • Paradise Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    In the past this site use to respond to others who made comments or challenges to their stories, i guess its under new poorer management...I get my news from SteveQuayles website and i never see him link this website to any of his articles, at least not anymore. That tells you something right there...

  • Theopholus Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    This is bogus/B.S. CIA.

  • Ze Lenograd Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    Are you guys snow flakes? Is superstation95 owned by the Israeli Zioneocons&CIA? Have you actually met and conversed with President Bashar Assad and his wife? It would be a pleasant and rewarding experience. Go and meet them in person if you care not to believe mass media.

  • Jollyjack Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    Stop trying to defend the combover cowboy, the great negotiator had a chance to negotiate and blew it for some theatricals. Mccain and clinton are salivating over this.

  • Jollyjack Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    1/The base was used for stripping down old a/c for spares and scrap, probably storage for other mil. scrap also.
    2/Containers are weathered&corroded, doubtful if such as nerve gas would be piled up outside and open to the weather.
    3/How do you know that they are not a generic transport/storage container used for many different purposes.
    4/ Do you honestly think any pictures taken in that area are not vetted before release.

  • Gerard Trip Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    The drums have much greater clarity than the rest of the picture, including the foreground ... photoshop or similar ... fake news, which is a pity because this does not happen often to you

  • Michael Brabant Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    You obviously didn't look very far. The internet isn't like the MSM rumor mill.

    Sharpen up.

  • Detergent Comment Link Apr 08, 2017

    Seeing that this BS is still up as your headline after my first comment, I'm going to add more.

    I am a pilot and aircraft owner, and I've spent too much time hanging around the nether parts of airports. Metal drums that contain, or once contained, oil, used oil, grease, other lubricants, paint stripper, etc., are common everywhere. Stuff you don't want your kids playing in, but not chemical weapons by any stretch. I am not at all surprised that pictures of a remote airport show a stack of metal drums. I expect them to be there.

    Get this BS off your website. It ruins your credibility.

  • Ken Walton Comment Link Apr 07, 2017

    Once again, someone has jumped the gun. Empty containers obviously in aged and corroded condition, stacked outside a hanger, offer at most a suggestion for further investigation. These look to have been placed in this pile several years ago. The obvious hypothesis is that these cannisters were emptied into larger containers on their way to destruction several years ago when Syria's depot of such weapons was destroyed.

  • Detergent Comment Link Apr 07, 2017

    Ahh, I dunno. In the first photo it looks like generic metal drums, two-up in a generic shipping arrangement. That the drums in the first photo contained chemical weapons does not mean that the drums in the second photo contain chemical weapons. Anything could be in those drums in the second photo. Your conclusion is a far stretch.


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