Filthiest Air on Planet Earth Today: Pennsylvania and New Jersey


Satellites monitoring the earth's atmosphere are showing the FILTHIEST air on the entire planet is presently running from Eastern Pennsylvania through central New Jersey, with Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels 18 times higher than anywhere else on earth!

According to computer models created from data from the GEOS-5 satellite provided by the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center through the online data portal in the NASA Center for Climate Simulation, a vast cloud of Carbon Monoxide Gas is presently slithering along at ground level and all the way up into the upper atmosphere.

The satellite reports that "typical" levels of CO around the nation vary, but are generally at 162 parts-per-billion-by-volume (ppbv).  However, in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, the level is at 3003 ppbv 18 times higher!!!

Here's a soomed-in look at the area:



In fact the CO level is so bad that nowhere else on earth even comes close.   The closest we could find is outside of Beijing, China, (a region notorious for filthy air) with a level of 1152 ppbv. 



GEOS-5 data (covering all Chem and Particulates layers) comes with the following disclaimer: Forecasts using the GEOS system are experimental and are produced for research purposes only. Use of these forecasts for purposes other than research is not recommended.

Having said that, SuperStation95 is not making a "forecast" we are reporting news.  This satellite data is incredibly accurate and while the levels are nowhere near "dangerous" they may cause some people to experience headaches, light dizziness, a feeling of tiredness or even anxiety until the Carbon Monoxide dissipates and blows away today.

Readers can view the modeling imagery themselves by clicking HERE.










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