Trump doesn’t shake hands with Merkel during photo op


President Trump did not extend his hand to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s in a Friday Oval Office photo op, a courtesy he usually extends to foreign leaders visiting the white House.

Trump sat next to Merkel in front of a fireplace for the brief photo-op.

“Very good,” Trump said to assembled reporters when asked about what the two leaders discussed. “Lots of things.”

“Very good, thanks,” Merkel said in German.

But Trump hardly looked at Merkel and, when the photo op ended, didn’t move in for a handshake.



When reporters asked whether there would be a handshake, Merkel leaned in and appeared to ask, “Do you want to have a handshake?”

Trump did not even look back at her.

By contrast, the president did shake hands with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Theresa May when they visited him in the Oval Office.

White House sources say Trump "wears his heart on his sleeve" for everyone to see.  "When he doesn't like someone, he doesn't pretend to like them; he makes himself clear."



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  • Comment Link Mar 17, 2017

    What merkie has done to Germany and Europe I wouldn't shake the muzzie lovers hand either.


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