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Residents Told "Six-Weeks NO ELECTRICITY" after Storms Knock-Down Power Lines in Northern California

Storms have knocked down "miles of power lines" and citizens in Willow Creek, Hoopa, Burnt Ranch, Salyer, Hawkins bar and other nearby towns in California have been told "six weeks before electric is restored." Some expect to die as a result!


'It's bad here, no power, the foods gone rancid, no heat. It may be weeks before we're saved. Miles and miles of transmission are down. And every night the snow gets deeper. I'm an older single woman. I work full time at a little store and burn wood for heat. I also live in crappy low income housing which is a run down duplex in a rough neighborhood.

Not everyone in rural areas lives on acreage in a farm house with a barn. There are apartments here without wood heat and as a tenant you cannot just hook up your building with gas appliances or fire up a generator. That is the landlords decision. "


Folks cannot put food outside in the snow to stay frozen because Raccoons and other wild animals come at night and drag it away.

One resident, near LaPorte, CA said "We just got over a 28 hour electric outage.  Pacific Gas & Electric takes a very long time to repair downed lines."

For people in Willow Creek, Hoopa and the other towns mentioned earlier, it is a 100 mile round-trip to go to or from the nearest town with electricity.  

Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE) says that this is the worst storm in almost 30 years and they have "hundreds of trees which have fallen and taken-out power lines."  PGE also said the topography of the region means a lot of the downed power lines are long-distance transmission lines which can only be repaired by HELICOPTER and that will be slow work.


Could YOU Survive a similar Emergency?

Whenever SuperStation95 covers a story about storms, earthquakes, Tsunamis and the like, we always take some space to tell people to PREPARE themselves with emergency food, water, heat, a way to cook, flashlights, portable radios and spare batteries.   This situation in northern California is EXACTLY why we do that.

None of us ever knows when a severe storm or unforeseen disaster will strike.  It's important to be prepared.

Think about this for a moment:  There are people snowed-in, in parts of northern California, with no electric, no heat, no way to cook food and no way to travel due to snow.  Some of them may very well DIE because they did not prepare.  Would that be YOU in an emergency?

Prepare yourself with:

Canned foods. 

A Manual Can Opener.

Stored water.

Filled propane tank for outdoor cooking via Barbecue grill

A Kerosene Heater or Wood Burner for heat.

Fuel for the Kerosene Heater

A small electric generator to run OUTSIDE, with an extension cord to keep the refrigerator going and for some light.  (Do not EVER run a generator inside a home, the Carbon Monoxide exhaust will kill you)

Fuel for the Generator.

Portable AM/FM radio for news


Spare batteries for the Radio and flashlights.


If you do not have these items, then you are not prepared and may DIE in a sudden emergency.













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