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According to the "" the Pilgrim Nuclear Power plant in Plymouth, MA is showing a sudden five-fold increase in local radiation levels to 110 counts-per-minute (CPM), triggering an ALERT according to radiation network guidelines.

The sudden spike has yet to be explained, but levels are still rising as of the publication of this report at 8:55 AM eastern US time.

SuperStation95 has reached out tho the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency for information but they have not yet returned our call.

According to the Radiation Network, they derive their readings directly from a sub-national-network, set up by the Power Plant specifically to monitor local radiation.  Their site says:


While the Radiation Network offers nationwide, and even global, real time radiation monitoring, within that umbrella, local Community Monitoring can take place.  As an example, we have a "sub-network" within the Radiation Network called the "Pilgrim" group which has set up a series of Radiation Monitoring Stations around the Pilgrim Nuclear Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  See the Map at right showing familiar Cape Cod facing back at the Pilgrim Plant (denoted by the Nuclear Site symbol) on the west shore of Cape Cod Bay.   The Pilgrim group has set up 6 monitoring stations, consisting of 2 of the Pancake and 4 of the Standard tubed Geiger counters, strategically surrounding the Pilgrim Plant on all sides.


Here is the map they refer to:





A conference call has been set up with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency for 9:45 AM to discuss this situation.  We will update this report after that phone conference call.


 UPDATE 9:51 AM EST --

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency advises SuperStation95 that they checked with their sister agency, the Department of Public Health which has radiation detectors of its own in that area.  They say that their gear is showing normal radiation levels.  However, they are endeavoring to determine why the instruments are showing a rising radiation level and they are sending people to the area to investigate.

As of this update, the radiation level is still rising and has now hit 115 counts-per-minute.


Final Update 11:09 AM EST --

Massachusetts Emergency Management called back to say they have checked with the plant itself, checked again with Public Health and all the readings of "official" Geiger counters in and around the Pilgrim Nuclear Power plant are showing NORMAL radiation levels.  

Readers can monitor the radiation levels themselves by visiting the FREE web site HERE

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